Bandits’ Encampment

NPCs and a Map for a quick TTRPG encounter!

Picture this: Your party is walking through the wilds, looking for their next great adventure, when they happen upon an encampment. Are they bandits? Are they soldiers? And what are they doing all the way out here? We don’t know. But it is a little odd, don’t you think, to see a human traveling around with a band of goblins… isn’t it?

That’s what we have here, a camp of Goblins, in the middle of nowhere, being led by a human named Ivin Vann.

We have for you, a couple of NPCs that you can use in your adventures (either taking our idea from above, or weaving them in some other way). They should bring some interesting events to your next game.


If You Want More…

There’s more to be had. If you like these two great NPCs and want to use them in an upcoming campaign, by all means, go for it. They are yours to do with as you please.

However, Ivin has two other Goblins that he hangs around with—Daank Crustlessand Tossa Snotmaw. We also have a battlemap of their encampment. And as an added bonus, a special magic item too! All of this is available exclusively to our paid subscribers.

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