Zombies in the Sewers

A 5e supplement of new zombies and a new adventure to use them in!

Hey all, so, we are putting together a new book for DnD 5e featuring a host of new zombies for you to use in your campaigns. It will run on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, but we wanted to share some of them with you right here.

Three terrifying new creatures you can immediately add to your monster arsenal. These are all large creatures which have been turned undead. Take a look at these creatures here.

Who wouldn’t be frightened of a Giant Zombie Snake? Its an undead that can capture you in its coils and spit venom at you!

The same thing goes for a Giant Zombie Crocodile. Think of this thing lurking in the water waiting for its innocent prey to draw near, and then strike without warning.

And come on, no one likes rats. These ones are huge (compared to a normal rat) and they carry the zombie disease in their bite.

So, grab these awesome new zombies and use them in your next campaign.

Now, if you are a paid subscriber to our posts, we have a ready-made adventure for you below which will feature these three new undead creatures. It features a trek through the sewers of a small city to find these creatures that have been popping up around town. Your party will need to find the source of these zombies, and eradicate it before it’s too late!

We call it Plot of the Sewer Sludge! And you can download it and use it if you are a paid subscriber to our posts. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, get to it!

Here’s a preview of the first page, so you can get an idea of the setup.

Remember, we will always provide some free content for your enjoyment, but we also are going to have this paid content as well which will further that free content. Either way, enjoy!…

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