Introducing the Anti-Christ!

Anti-Christ – Chapter 1 – By James Mascia

We are excited to bring you an awesome full-length comic by James Mascia.

This horror/supernatural-thriller comic is about a woman who is genetically engineered to be the Anti-Christ. When she discovers the powers she’s been imbued with, she tries to use them for good, but discovers that it is impossible. Anything she does is for an evil purpose. She is the monster they created, no matter what she wants.

We don’t want to hold you up any further, we know you aren’t here to hear us talk. You’re here to read the comic. So, scroll down and enjoy


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Well, you can! What we’ve posted here is just the beginning of the chapter, and we aren’t even halfway through! While we are happy to provide free content, and will continue to do so, for our feature-length stories, like Anti-Christ, we will be releasing them for paid subscribers. So, if you want to read more, you’ll have to subscribe!

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