Meet a Society of Zombies

Introducing the short comic “Fear the Living.” Written by James Mascia and Art by Elton Thomasi.

We’ve all seen zombie movies and television shows. They all show the zombie plague beginning, or in full force. But what happens when there is nothing left to eat? What happens when zombies are all there are?

Like all “life,” adaption is necessary for survival. So, we figured we would tell a story that showed what happened many years into the future, long after the zombie plague wiped out humanity. Then we figured that we would flip the story on its head, and say, well if the zombies are adapting, eventually the the body would have to adapt to the zombie virus too, right? So, what would happen after many years of being zombies, when people start turning back into humans?

We’d like to introduce you to “Fear the Living,” a story that delves into this very question. Written by James Mascia, and artwork by Elton Thomasi, this story is one that you’re sure to enjoy.

Without further ado…


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