We are opening up submissions for our new anthology we’re calling The Grindhouse Collective.
A grindhouse is an American term for a theatre that mainly shows low-budget horror, splatter, slasher, action, and exploitation films for adults.
We are looking for stories that push horror, action, sexiness to the edge. We want to see blood, and gore, and dare we say nudity. Think of this as your opportunity to write that R-Rated story you’ve been waiting for! These stories can be set in any time period, and in any place (real or imagined), but should have outrageous, over the top horror, action, and cheesecake elements.

We are looking for short comics of either 4, 8, or 12 pages. Our plan is to put together 3-4 stories in a comic issue, and then publish a trade once we’ve completed 4 issues.

First, we do not wish to own anything you submit. So, any stories and art submitted will remain the property of their creators. All we will be asking for is permission to publish the story in our books.

Any stories submitted will need to be self-contained stories with a clear, beginning, middle and end. We don’t mind if you are writing a story that ties into an existing universe that you’ve already created, so long as we can understand and follow the story without being familiar with that universe.

We do not have the ability at this time to pair writers with artists. So if you are a writer, you will need to find your own artist, or if you are an artist, you will need to find your own writer.

Any interested parties should pitch a story to us (contact info below). Pitch should include:
1. A story title
2. Proposed length of story
3. Basic one (1) paragraph outline of story
4. If you have an artist in mind, a sample of their art should be included
5. If we like your idea, we will ask for a more detailed breakdown of the story

Tentative Timeline:
November – December 2022 –
• Story Proposals are due, which will include the story title, number of pages expected, and a 1 paragraph synopsis.
• Artists submission samples also due. Samples should include some sequential pages.
January 2023 –
• Scripts are due from writers.
January 2023 –
• All approved scripts are returned to writers with any proofreading edits made.
April 2023 –
• Completed comics are due.
May 2023 –
• Any further edits/changes to the comics will be made
• Comics will be formatted for book
• Prep will begin for Kickstarter

We are paying a flat rate for stories as follows:
4-Pages: $125
8-Pages: $250
12-Pages: $375
These payments will be made upon completion and submission of the final artwork.

So get those gears turning, and get those pitches working.
All submissions can be made to DrenProductions2000@gmail.com. Be sure to put GRINDHOUSE COLLECTIVE SUBMISSION into the subject line when sending!

Thanks all! Good luck!