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    Collection of 10 Short Stories in the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders universe. This collection includes: Indecent Assault One Crazy Night The Hunger The Children Competition Switching Teams New Perspectives Summer of Love Holiday Cheer Paula's Obsession
  • A former SETI administrator gets what he has dreamed for all his life - the chance to make first contact with an extra-terrestrial intelligence. But things don't go exactly as planned, and he discovers that alien life is much more than he can handle.
  • Tie-in Short Story for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders series. Mia isn't acting right, and Zoey has definitely noticed. She is worried about her friend's odd behavior. But what can she do? When Mia returns to the dorm, Zoey is going to confront her, but she falls asleep and ends up discovering just what has Mia all worked up.
  • Tie-in Short Story for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders series. Stacy is having a little trouble with her boyfriend. She is out on campus late one night when she sees a strange light streaking through the sky. When she goes to investigate, she has a run in with one of the strange-looking worms. Once infected, she pays her boyfriend a visit, with disastrous results.
  • Karina has infiltrated many top facilities. But her challenge now is to walk into the Pentagon unnoticed and gather information on ex-Nazi scientists that are now working for the American government. This intel leads her to a secret installation in Norfolk which houses a prison for captured alien creatures, where one scientist is conducting experiments to learn more about them. This is a tie-in to the Alien Armageddon series.
  • Karina is not your typical American woman. She isn't even American at all. She is a Russian spy, sent to get information on the latest American superweapon. When she seduces a Colonel in the United States military, she finds out there is much more to this superweapon than her country suspects. This is a tie-in to the Alien Armageddon series.
  • "Why does trouble always follow me around?" That's what Christine can't help but thinking when she runs into the Quickmart for a simple snack and has a run in with a lady and her pet tiger. Christine just wants to have a snack, but she can't just sit by as the woman terrorizes everyone around her.
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    Middle Grade Fantasy. The Island of Dren is about a twelve year old boy named Jack. While travelling with his mother to Egypt, Jack's ship is caught in a storm and destroyed. A small group of survivors, including Jack and his mother, wash up on the shores of Dren, an enchanted island, where worms are used as translators, lizards can talk, and magic is alive and well. The people of Dren quickly befriend the weary travellers, after Jack has an encounter with a young girl named Chandra. But when treasure is discovered by the shipwrecked survivors, everything changes and the fate of Dren hangs in the balance. It is then that Jack must make the ultimate decision. Does he side with his countrymen, or his newfound friends on The Island of Dren?
  • Carmen has been alive for more than 100 years, a short life for some vampires. Even now she remembers when she was turned to the undead. It was a frightful night in 1888 when she ran into Jack the Ripper. How does she survive her encounter with him? Only Carmen knows.
  • Her little girl died at such a young age. Years later, she still celebrates her birthday. But she hides a deep secret about her daughter's death. She calls what happened, an act of kindness. But what happens when her little girl comes back?
  • Okay. So I’m dead. It’s not so bad. Is it? This is the first question Bobby Barnes asks himself as he stands over his dead body at the scene of the tragic car crash that ended his life. He is furious with his girlfriend Brittany, who was the driver and he follows the investigating officers to the hospital to confront her. But when he gets there, gazing at her prone and broken body, he has a change of heart, and he decides that no matter what, instead of causing harm to her, he is going to make sure that no harm comes to her again. As her body shuts down though, Bobby must figure out how to get her heart started again, which is a difficult task because he cannot physically touch anything. How will he protect his girlfriend, Brittany, if she doesn't survive the night?
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    Their names are immortal: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy. Now, together for the first time, we hear these three classic monsters battling each other for their very existences. When Van Helsing gets reports of vampire attacks in Turin, he discovers that there is more going on their than he realizes. Soon he is not only after a vampire, but also a mummy hell-bent on resurrecting its lost queen. But the resurrection spell raises more than just a pharaoh of old; it brings life back to an old, familiar foe: Count Dracula. The vampire wants revenge on the man who slayed him, and he is willing to do anything to get it. To complicate matters, there is a large brute terrorizing the city, who is being hunted by its creator, Dr. Frankenstein. This monster, wanting little more than to be left alone, goes on a killing spree that draws the attention of not only Van Helsing, but of his monstrous foes as well. Who will survive the encounter when these three monsters finally meet? And will anyone be left alive when they win? This is the monster movie you never knew you wanted. Dracula vs. Frankenstein's Monster vs. The Mummy! Whoever wins, we lose.
  • School children are taught by robots - also known as T.C.H.E.R.s. These machines were seen as more efficient, and because of their programming, it was guaranteed that every student would be given the exact same education. Complacent that their children were getting the best education possible, no one thought to check what they were actually being taught - until the students across the country suddenly revolted.
  • Children are constantly complaining about the monster in the closet. As parents, we just shake it off as childhood fantasy. But what if the monsters are real? What if they want something from our children? Jerry is a Collector, and each night he is sent into bedrooms to gather specimens to study so that experts can either fix his world, or help them find a new one.
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    Abby would be your typical teenager - that is, if she wasn't part of a secret organization tasked with tracking down meta-humans. She doesn't agree with what she's doing, but when Agent Smith tells her she will be infiltrating a school to find a dangerous meta, she knows she has no choice because disobeying means that her brother will end up in their special meta-human prison. When she meets her target, she realized that he is not as dangerous as she was led to believe. She must make the choice between saving a boy she barely knows, or turning him over to the Agency to be incarcerated. Either choice she makes, she loses.
  • Many years ago, Tom Stevenson was a soldier and became one of the founding members of a secret program called Project: Hercules. Now, he has returned to where it all started, an abandoned military base out on Long Island called Camp Hero. While exploring the old base, he discovers the base is not as abandoned as one would believe. Project: Hercules is still up and running with deadly results.
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    Abby and her brother, Mike, are keeping a secret from their mother: Mike has super powers. At eight years old, Mike has the ability to make objects around him spontaneously combust. Abby, knows that his life would be in danger if anyone found out about this, so she has kept it hidden from everyone for over a year. One night, while their mother is at work, a group of men kidnap Mike. Abby knows why they have come and calls the police. That proves to be a mistake, since they seem incapable of doing anything about it. So, with no other choice, Abby goes to find him herself. She breaks into a secret government building and fights her way through Agents on her quest to save her brother. What she doesn't realize is that it's her that they've been after this whole time.
  • Eddie Eagan is your typical high schooler, with one minor exception. Eddie can make anything he imagines become a reality. Unfortunately for Eddie, his ability has made him a target of a group called the M.H.D.A. They deem him too dangerous to run free. Eddie must make a choice: Does he run for the rest of his life? Or does he go quietly with the Agents who want to lock him away for life?
  • Everyone looks up to heroes. No matter what they do, they are put up onto a pedestal for all to worship. But what happens when a hero's life is struck with great tragedy? Are heroes allowed to mourn, to sink into depression? For Powerman, this is his reality. A reality that he cannot break away from. It leaves him wondering, "Who can come and save a hero?"
  • The final chapter of the High School Heroes series begins. Discover how it all ends. On the run, fugitives from justice, Christine and her friends search out the only people that can clear their names--the M.H.D.A. But the die has been cast, and the plans of the M.H.D.A become clear as an army of cloned meta-humans begins marching on the nation’s capital. Christine and the others must now decide whether or not to stand and fight, or to run and hide. They are outnumbered. They have no help coming. They are out of options. Beyond that, Christine must face the ultimate challenge. How can she stop the mysterious Director, and the M.H.D.A. army when she refuses to kill anyone? Join in the final tale of the High School Heroes as they face their greatest challenges. For them, life will never be the same again.
  • What if you suddenly had everything you thought you wanted? Would your life be perfect? Or would something still be missing? When Christine's powers stop working, she is lost. But she soon realizes that she can now lead the normal life she's wanted for the last year. However, she soon discovers that normal isn't all it's cracked up to be. She is bored and frustrated, especially when he friends leave her behind to chase down a dangerous and mysterious villain who may or may not be Christine's grandfather. Christine knows she can't sit on the sidelines while her friends put themselves in danger to protect her. She knows that no matter what, she needs to get her powers back. So, she sets out on a journey across the country to find the one person who can possibly give them back to her: Quinn. What she discovers though, is that the M.H.D.A.'s plot runs much deeper than she believed. Smith and his minions have been amassing an army, and in their ranks, Christine sees more than a few familiar faces. Will Christine make a deal with the devil to get her powers back? Or will she watch as Smith and Quinn destroy the world?
  • The 3rd book continues the adventures of Christine and her friends as they complete their sophomore year of high school and prepare for their summer vacations. Before any of their plans come to fruition, their old mentor, Mr. Quinn, returns after a nearly two month absence with a mission specifically for Christine - steal the Shroud of Turin. Christine finds herself playing double-agent for the MHDA as she is forced to go along with Quinn’s plans and make herself an international criminal. Soon she learns what the MHDA plans on doing with the Shroud and doesn’t know who to trust. Also on Quinn’s team is another operative names Klaus from a German agency . At first, she can’t stand him, but as they work together, the closer she gets to him. Now, not only is she torn in her sense of duty, but also in her affections. How will she fix her love life while stopping both Quinn and the MHDA from obtaining the Shroud and possible destroying human life as we know it?
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In New Perspectives, Kara is a straight-laced student who would rather spend her evenings studying to get good grades than to hang out and have fun. But after one of the alien worms slithers down her throat, her perspectives on life begin to change. For the better? Only time will tell
  • Lizard men. Time travel. Genetic experiments. What really went on at the Camp Hero Military Base? Camp Hero continues the adventures of Christine and her friends as they delve deeper into the legacies of their grandfathers. On the day Christine's baby brother is born, Christine is given a vision of a young boy being taken into custody by the MHDA - Meta-Human Detection Agency. Obsessed with finding the boy before the MHDA can get to him, Christine and her friends go on a quest to rescue him. The journey takes them to Camp Hero, where their grandfathers once trained. There, the teens discover secrets about themselves, their grandfathers, the MHDA, and their science teacher, Mr. Quinn. Now they must deal with the burden of these secrets, even as they try and rescue the mysterious boy from the clutches of the MHDA.
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    What if you discovered you had the ability to read minds? What would you do with that power? On Christine Carpenter's first day of her sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson High School she makes a startling discovery. She can hear peoples' thoughts. After convincing herself she's not going crazy, Chris must learn to control her amazing mind-reading ability. Using her power she quickly realizes her crush, the captain of the football team, is also blessed with a special ability. She is soon sucked into a world she never thought possible when two more of her classmates, and a teacher, turn out to have powers as well. What are they meant to do with their special gifts that can either help, or harm others? Christine soon finds out when a monster, lurking in the depths of her school, threatens to murder the student population. When it becomes apparent that the creature is someone she knows, she must decide whether to try and save him, or destroy the beast. If she chooses destruction, can she live with the consequences?
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In The Hunger, Mia finds herself coping with the actions that she has just done, having public sex, and then murdering the person she was having sex with. She wars with herself over the feelings of exhilaration she experienced during the act, and the immense guilt she feels now. Which side will win out?
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In The Children, Mia finds herself with a belly full of alien worms, and she couldn't be prouder.
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In Switching Teams, Carmen finds herself attracted to someone unexpected, her teammate's roommate, Olivia. Carmen isn't sure what to do, but at a campus party, the two find each other and the sparks fly.
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In Summer of Love, Lisa is enjoying her newfound freedom with Kim as they've run off and hit the open road. When the pair runs out of money and gas, they have to do something. They pull into a lonely gas station, and figure out how to solve their problems, and feed their hunger too.
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In Paula's Obsession, Paula is infatuated with one of her professors. She knows it's wrong, and she knows she shouldn't, but she is drawn to him. She goes to his office when she knows he will be alone to see if there is anything she can do about this infatuation. It turns out, the professor cannot resist her either.
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In Competition, we see Susan Clay getting ready for a romantic evening with her husband, when their babysitter, Paula, shows up. She says she wants to talk, but she is really here to eliminate the competition.
  • Tie-in for the Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders comic series. In Holiday Cheer, a young cheerleader thinks she's getting a special gift for Christmas. Santa has given her a special gift, however, this one is rather horrifying! What happens when she gets infected?


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