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    The Book of Monsters contains over 60 new and unusual creatures to unleash against your players during your next 5e campaign!
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    What happens when we die? Well, your players can find out in this new campaign which will begin with them dying, and take them on a long journey through the Kingdom of Death. Based on a mixture of mythologies, including Ancient Greek myths, Dante's Inferno, and Milton's Paradise Lost, this campaign will take your players through the bowels of Hell itself and have them emerge on the other side. Will your players be able to fight their way back to the world of the living? Or will they remain in the Underworld for all eternity? So, what's the catch? Well, of course in order to start this campaign, you'll have to kill all your players. Sounds like fun, right? This is a 5e campaign book, to use with your next ttrpg game night!


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